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Financial Services Practice 

Our team has extensive experience in operations, finance, and sales. You can engage us to help you in a wide range of our consulting offerings, or on a single, focused issue. The end result is we can provide a specific list of recommendations to improve the performance of your business and your operating results.

Our services include:

  • Financial System Review
    • We perform a detailed review of your financial reporting system and provide detailed recommendations for improvement.
    • Is your executive team getting key financial results in a timely manner? We will perform a review of the process and provide specific recommendations how to get results quicker.
  • Business Plan Development
    • We prepare a detailed business plan for your company’s new offering. This includes providing market assessment, competitive analysis, detailed financial projections, and how this new business line will be integrated into your company.
  • Financial Assessment
    • We review the organizational structure and workflow model and provide specific recommendations to optimize performance.
    • We review the cost structure and provide specific recommendations to improve your bottom line results.
    • Are your Project Managers getting timely and accurate information so they can meet their profit objectives? We can implement an improved project reporting system for your company.
  • Forecasting Models
    • If you do not have an existing forecasting model in place, we will work with your team to implement the process.
    • If you have an existing forecasting model, we will review it and provide specific recommendations how to improve it.
  • Cash Flow Improvement
    • Are the people who can make an impact in collecting the receivables getting the information they need in a timely fashion? We can review your current system and recommend areas for improvement.
    • If you do not have a model in place, we can design a cash flow forecasting model.
  • Interim Management Support
    • We can provide interim senior management support to fill your temporary need: President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Director
    • By choosing EdgeStone to provide your interim management support, you will give your management team the time to select the right replacement
    • We can also assist you in defining your hiring requirements and sourcing potential replacement candidates.